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Make Living Sound

Sound doesn't sit still. It moves through space and time. It changes its environment, and it's changed by everything it encounters.

We call this Living Sound. is an interactive design and technology company, specializing in interactive music and procedural sound. We have over a decade of experience helping people make sound come alive in their games, art installations, and xR experiences.

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Sharing is Caring

The open source community has given all of us creators, makers, and tinkerers something, and many of us nearly everything.

That's why open sources many experiments and helpful tools. Check them out on our GitHub page.

Well Hello There

Charlie Huguenard: Founder, Audio Programmer

Charlie is obsessed with the behavior of sound in response to humans.

He's made noise at companies like Meow Wolf, Magic Leap, and Funomena, and is published online and in print.


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