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About Me

Hi! I'm Charlie. I'm a music programmer.

I got my start studying computer music and interaction design at Berklee College of Music. The amazing folks there helped show me that there's so much more you can do with sound than just play it back. Thanks to them, I got obsessed with the behavior of sound and music in response to humans.

For about a decade, I made in-the-box interactive experiences, mostly video games for companies like Magic Leap, Funomena, Anki, Telltale Games, and Activision.

Now I'm the Sound Technology Lead at Meow Wolf in Santa Fe. We make large-scale art installations, many of which involve interactive sound. It's a lot of fun.

Up top, you'll see links to a bunch of things I've made over the years. If you're into interactive music tech, you might like the free and open source tools on my GitHub page.

I also sometimes write articles for Designing Sound.

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