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Interactive Music


Music is inherently interactive. We sing, we dance, we beat drums. Derelict Computer experiments with bringing that magic to digital music.

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Open Source Tools


Open source software breaks down barriers for creators. It enables learning, and therefore innovation. Because of this, some of the source code created by Derelict Computer for interactive music experiments is available for free.

You can download the code and tools now on GitHub

About Charlie

Inspired by a lifelong love of music and a decade of creating interactive entertainment, Charlie started Derelict Computer. He studied Music Synthesis at Berklee College of Music, designing and building MIDI controllers, sensor-based sound installations, and live performance software. Then he worked on a variety of video games--from DJ games like Scratch to poignant interactive fiction like The Walking Dead to wacky physics romps like Wattam. Whenever he had the chance, he experimented with adding interesting music interactions, often finding emergent musical ideas he didn't expect. Inspired by those efforts, he set out to make things that are fully focused on music.

He's had lots of help. The open source software community has provided so many useful tools to learn and work with. And the game audio community is a wellspring of advice and camaraderie. To try and give back, he is open sourcing some tools he creates.

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